Be A Sponsor


Right Now today is creating change in society with your sponsorship. Between 2014-15 we helped over 500 homeless adults and teens in the state of Washington with the help of our sponsors. We provided hygienic products, food, clothing, temporary shelter, gifts for the holidays and helped a few folks gain employment. We couldn’t have done it without sponsorships.

This year we are taking on bullying. With your sponsorships we provide our anti-bullying t-shirts and wrist bands to students who pledge to be a part of the change. We need hundreds of shirts and with your help we can make that happen right now today. Your sponsorship allows us to present to students at low income schools and programs that cannot afford to pay for presentations.

Right Now Today wants to see a substantial decline in the number of bullying incidents and suicide in the state of Washington that happen as a result of bullying. We need your help to achieve this goal. Thank you for your sponsorship and being a part of the change.