Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower people to reach their goals by influencing their lifestyle and way of thinking while creating a synergistic atmosphere that will lead to an empowering experience. It’s all about humans helping humans.


Right Now Today Founder

Gregory Marks Right Now TodayGreg Marks was born in Tacoma Washington. In 1985 he started using drugs and alcohol in high school which led to a twenty year addiction; he became homeless at the end of his addiction living on the streets of Tacoma WA, at the age of thirty-five he decided to get his life together.  He went to a rehabilitation center in South Seattle called the Conquest Center for eighteen months. He completed the program after one year and stayed an extra six months to work at the center. Once he made the decision to change his life he has never relapsed and recently celebrated 15 years of being clean and sober.

Marks worked for a road construction company for many years up to the point of becoming a supervisor. At the age of forty-three he decided to become an actor and has had much success being featured in magazines, television commercials, and TV shows, such as GRIMM, Leverage, Twin Peaks, Meet the Browns and stand in work on Grey’s Anatomy also appearances in feature films such as Abduction of EDEN, 21 & Over, One Square Mile, Simple Creature, and many Washington State based films as well as television commercials.

In 2014 Marks produced, wrote and starred in his first short film “SHIFT PARADIGM” which was selected by Holly Shorts Film Festival and screened at Mann’s Chinese Theater Hollywood California.

Greg Marks is a 2014 graduate from Pierce College Ft Steilacoom Business and Fashion Merchandising program.

Since founding Right Now Today his organization has helped over 500 homeless adults and teen through the 500 Bags of Love program by providing hygienic products, food, and clothing.

Marks kick started the “Micro Housing Project” at Camp Second Chance, which is a drug and alcohol free sanctioned encampment in Seattle WA.

In 2016 RNT started working with the camp after a severe snowstorm many of the tent’s collapse under the weight of the snow.

Marks came up with the idea to use sheds purchased from Costco turning them into “Micro Houses” these living quarters provided a safe place for homeless residents to reside.

The structures were delivered unassembled which did a few things; it was a great team building project, gave the residents a sense of ownership while creating a healthy environment.

RNT members raised 20,800 dollars which equated to 15 houses to get the community started. Special thanks to Leilani Wells from Leilanitv.com for contribution on the project.

Currently Right Now Today is taking on “bullying” which is a growing problem in the United States. Right Now Today is on a mission to help decrease the number of bullying incidents and suicides due to bullying.

Marks produced a film called “Joenah” which is a anti-bullying leadership film.

Joenah is a story about a deaf boy who was bullied by a few boys from the swim team. Joenah doesn’t allow himself to become a victim instead he enters a community swim meet swimming against the boy.

Gregory Marks is a motivational speaker encouraging people to live out their dreams and ambitions no matter what their past has been.

Marks has spoken at various organizations such as SOCC, PLU, CWU Bellevue Community College, Pierce College. Publications include the Tacoma Weekly, Bellevue Reporter, Tacoma News Tribune, Alaska Airlines Magazine, Renton Reporter.

The Right Now Today Organization continues to work in the community as a leader for the betterment of society.

Humans Helping Humans