“Positioned for Purpose: Transforming Your Mess into Your Message”

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“Positioned for Purpose: Transforming Your Mess into Your Message”


dream-big-logoYou are destined for greatness! There is a special calling on your life and you are here to complete a spirit-led assignment. It is your purpose and NOW is the time to share your story and say YES to your destiny!

Still trying to figure out your purpose? The details and direction you need are hidden in YOUR life story. —Yes, YOUR imperfect, complicated, not-so-pretty and maybe even painful story is where you will activate your purpose and experience your blessing!

Your life is speaking to you all the time; even in the middle of your mess. Nothing is happening to you by accident; it’s all a part of your divine plan and purpose. Are you listening?

Your life, every experience is a part of your story – a unique story that needs to be shared to inspire and transform the lives of others. – Not just the glory in your story but the shame, hurt, pain, and frustration too. Everything you’ve experienced in life is preparation for your purpose and directing you towards your destiny!

You don’t have to wait until you have “it all together” – Now is the time to discover your purpose, activate your spiritual gifts and be a soul-inspired, servant leader.

It’s time to answer the call!

Claim your seat and RECONNECT to your purpose,
RESTORE your faith and REVITALIZE your spirit!

The world needs you just as you are and they are waiting for you to show up, step out in faith, and use your story and spiritual gifts to transform lives and change the world.


This is not a workshop this is an experience that will inspire and equip you to say yes to your purpose, activate your faith and walk in your greatness, become a servant leader and live a happy, fulfilling life.

You will…
See and honor the value of your personal story.
Re-ignite the belief in your dreams and say yes to your destiny.
Recognize and harness the power of surrender and co-creating with God.
Identify and embrace your natural spiritual gifts.
Learn how to impact, empower and transform your community with your soul-gifts.
Be inspired to unleash the courage to put your faith in action.
Activate your calling by making positive declarations for your life.
Make meaningful and lasting soul-connections in a safe and intimate atmosphere.
Check out the Presenter Line-up

Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Transformational Coach
Clemence Lafrades, Founder of Victory Get Fit Club and Fitness Boutique
Kathy Price, Owner of Good Karma, Intuitive Artist, Licensed Therapist
Renessa Rios-Strong, CEO and Founder of Match Date Love
Gregory D. Marks, Founder of Right Now Today
Allen S. Mosley, Spiritual Minister

These amazing leaders are experiencing extraordinary success and living fulfilling lives because they chose to LET THEIR LIFE SPEAK!
It’s time for you to do the same!

Register today… RECONNECT to your purpose, RESTORE your faith and REVITALIZE your spirit!